Is torture a laughing matter? Obviously not, but humor may be the tool to get people interested in the cause. Interesting…


Iggy: The future of rock ‘n’ roll is Justin Bieber
Dalai Lama: A man who does not have a Rolex watch at 50 years old has failed in his life
Tag: Torture a man and he will tell you anything.

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Amnesty goes funny

As always there is a lot of good stuff in Cannes. I’m not gonna post Grand Prixs, because every one has seen those (I assume..). But here are three other winners that I really like.

Killing Kennedy

It may seem a little flat, but what makes it a winner to me is the flawless design and what seems like a very smooth flow. A very nice experience – and educational!



The new creatives

This just looks too fucking cool. That’s it. (This is not the Cannes case, but still a nice video – check out the Cannes video here)



Racer – A Google Chrome experiment
I’ll include this because I love Google Chrome experiments. And it looks like fun.



3 digital Cannes winners

I have no idea how this will inspire me to make anything related to advertising. But I just hope it does at one point, because it’s just too damn fascinating.



Rope made from plastic bottles

Makings fonts by using the handwriting of homeless people. Lovely.


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Homeless fonts

We all knew that (or at least Business Insider told us that earlier this year). But now they’ve done a video to remind us to read the Terms & Conditions.


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Tumblr does Terms & Conditions right (still)

An Australian bank turned their ATMs into GAYTMs during a pride event. And then won a Grand Prix in Outdoor at Cannes.

What a wonderful campaign! This is why Cannes is great – it highlights some great work that hopefully inspires others to do great work.






This is some weird looking advertising. It got me looking, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But maybe that’s the idea…



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This is pretty f’d up