This is how you ensure people will buy posters at the gig. Very nice work by La Boca!


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Beautiful New Order poster

Although I’ve never actually heard a client ask for a bigger logo, I guess a lot of people must have. No matter what, this browser extension is still a very fun idea. Making a browser extension for a client is still in my top 3 creative goals.


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Make the logo bigger

Why I also hate planners


Great post on what’s wrong with some planners
by Mike Phillips.

And if you change a couple of words here and there, it also applies to social media people.

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Thank you internet!

It’s more than a year old, but with few views I’ll take my chances.


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The Matrix re-made with 8bit sounds

How Airbnb, Reddit, Groupon and others got their first users

This is a really interesting post if you’re an entrepreneur (or want to be one). I’ve added the key take aways below, but read the full post to get the actual cases.


The whole point of this is to look at what successful startups did, and see if we can apply it to our own marketing. Some key points to consider:

  • Try making a video to explain your service, if text isn’t doing it justice. And if you do, make sure to target the community you’ll be sharing to.
  • The best way to make your new community not look like a ghost town is to fill it up yourself. Whether you take the reddit approach of fake users or go with Quora’s team of active members depends on what kind of community it is. Having fake users on Quora, an important aspect of which is credentials for every user, wouldn’t have worked.
  • Is there already an existing user base on another service that you can tap into? Try taking Airbnb’s approach and seeing if you can get some of them onto your website. When doing this, it’s important to note that what you’re offering should be better in some way.
  • Local is key in a lot of these stories. It’s much easier and cheaper to focus on one subset of people than trying to get them all.

The difficult sequel. This ad has a lot going for it including dad jokes, references to “truths” about parenthood, and goofiness. It just seems very outdated (as in 4 years, so technically it’s 2010 called). Also, it’s not very good. And why Busta, why?! Soooo maybe it doesn’t have a lot going for it? I did like the “listen up motherfathers” line in the beginning, though..

UPDATE: Here’s an article that explains what went wrong.


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The 00’s called…

The more silly Schwarzenegger gets, the more I like him. Maybe it’s the 14 year old me who just loves having so much Arnie content that I can’t see that it’s not all great. No matter what, here he is in an ad for some real estate thing.


Check out more about the campagin here.

Welcome back Arnie

At least if you’re into BMWs, shrieking tires, stunts and stuff like that. BMW is not my favorite car (by far), but I still gotta say this looks gooood.


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Car porn