Levi’s maxes out the hipster scale

This has got to be the most hipster thing ever. It’s of course not, but it is over the top hipster. It fits well with the brand and it makes sense – but for someone working in advertising it just seems like they took it too far. But hey, if I worked with Levi’s, I might have made the same concept.

Judge for yourself.


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Tesla (student work)

These are some clean and simple ads – with a good idea. Well done Brown & Taylor!




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I know, it’s old (at least 3 weeks..). Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. And at first I thought it was a little “done before”. But I keep thinking about it and wishing I’d made it. The concept is simple and I like that the dad isn’t goofy, but just a cool dad.

Check out the film and some posts below. And see more on howtodad.ca




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How to dad

This is how you ensure people will buy posters at the gig. Very nice work by La Boca!


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Beautiful New Order poster

Although I’ve never actually heard a client ask for a bigger logo, I guess a lot of people must have. No matter what, this browser extension is still a very fun idea. Making a browser extension for a client is still in my top 3 creative goals.


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Make the logo bigger

Why I also hate planners


Great post on what’s wrong with some planners
by Mike Phillips.

And if you change a couple of words here and there, it also applies to social media people.

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Thank you internet!

It’s more than a year old, but with few views I’ll take my chances.


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The Matrix re-made with 8bit sounds