W+K London window installation

I’m not sure I totally get it, but it sure looks fun!

Extreme FOMO consequenses

Canal Digital shows you just how bad it will get if you miss out on something. Well done!

Canal Digital – Silver Hand from Bacon Production on Vimeo.

(H/T Ads of the world)

Interstellar posters

Saw Interstellar last night and like most others I was blown away! I’d go see it again just for the VFX. So without any other reason than me loving the movie, here are some posters by James Fletcher.






(H/T Ultralinx)

Sainsbury Christmas

Really well-produced. It’s not the first time this WW1 scene has been used, but it’s still good work!

(H/T ourcreativedifferences)

Lovely animated hedgehog

Really well-made. And there’s a baby hedgehog in the end. So it’s a win.

(H/T Vimeo)

Well that’s one way to advertise your burger

Not sure it’s the best way (it might be), but it certainly got my attention. As a consumer I like it, so it may just be the cynic advertiser in my that’s worried. I plan to listen more to the former.

(H/T Adforum)