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Made the Johnsonville way


We’re the Superhumans


The Unusual Football Field Project


Give the Rainbow

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Touchable Ink


Air Max 17 – Positive Space


Check it before it’s removed

Customizing on Instagram

If you are a regular follower of this blog, I would be surprised. But if you are, then you know I like simple things. And this Instagram activity from Mercedes to promote the GLA is dead simple. Basically you just go through a path of Instagram pics to customize your GLA. Is it great? Perhaps not. But it’s simple and easy to play with, and in most cases that should be the way to go with these things. And even though it may not appear very tactical, you still get a price at the end (if you care to read the comment) along with the key details. Also, I know there are some haters out there, but I really like the car (ping Mercedes – give me one…).

Anyway, check out the video and try it here (mobile only).

(H/T Digital Buzz Blog)

Social catwalk by TopShop

This is a cool campaign from TopShop. I think I’ve seen a lot of the ideas before (?), but TopShop tied it all together nicely.

(H/T Digital Buzz Blog)

Shot it got it

Clever little campaign from Ã…hlens, where you had to take a screenshot from an Instagram film to get a discount. And you had to do capture the frame with the discount shown in order to get the discount. Nice work from always talented Forsman & Bodenfors.

(H/T Adfreak)

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Instagram has released an app that lets users create time lapse videos. It’s really well-made, but I agree with FastCo – it should have been integrated in the Instagram app.

Read the full review on FastCo.

How Airbnb, Reddit, Groupon and others got their first users

This is a really interesting post if you’re an entrepreneur (or want to be one). I’ve added the key take aways below, but read the full post to get the actual cases.


The whole point of this is to look at what successful startups did, and see if we can apply it to our own marketing. Some key points to consider:

  • Try making a video to explain your service, if text isn’t doing it justice. And if you do, make sure to target the community you’ll be sharing to.
  • The best way to make your new community not look like a ghost town is to fill it up yourself. Whether you take the reddit approach of fake users or go with Quora’s team of active members depends on what kind of community it is. Having fake users on Quora, an important aspect of which is credentials for every user, wouldn’t have worked.
  • Is there already an existing user base on another service that you can tap into? Try taking Airbnb’s approach and seeing if you can get some of them onto your website. When doing this, it’s important to note that what you’re offering should be better in some way.
  • Local is key in a lot of these stories. It’s much easier and cheaper to focus on one subset of people than trying to get them all.

Well, that’s annoying Facebook

Facebook is suggesting people should unlike pages. Or at least that they can. Obviously they do it to help people get a better and more relevant feed, which is nice. And although it is just another reminder for brands to be relevant, it is also a little annoying because social isn’t easy and some clients will take this is another sign of Facebook not being as good as they thought it was. But as a private user I totally dig it…


(H/T AllFacebook)

Is friday the 13th actually an unlucky day? DDB Budapest is putting it to the test and all you have to do is hashtag your posts on twitter with #unlucky or #lucky, depending on how your day is going.

This is a interesting idea that hopefully gets some fun results.

Check out the video and follow the events on friday13thexperiment.com

(Disclaimer: although I work at a DDB office, I post this without being asked to!)

Friday the 13th experiment