Disappointing year for Super Bowl ads

This should be the best in class TVC and it was not. There was a lot of copying and a lot of boring stuff. It’s great to use JFK and Muhammed Ali VO’s. But not just for the sake of copying Ram. And why does everyone focus on dads? I mean, we’re great, but still. There were a couple of nice ones. Here are three I liked.

Nationwide. It may be a little bit of a downer for a big game, yet I thought it was powerful and felt real.

Lexus. I’m not sure they’re the first ones to use remote controlled cars, but it stood out.

Squarespace. This was the only one that felt really weird (in a good way). And the site is beautiful and well-made. And so is Jeff!

Not really of course, but the idea of making a Crash the Super Bowl ad from another company is a lot of fun.

Check out the behind the scenes video, which is just as fun.

(H/T Adfreak)

Newcastle highjacks Crash The Super Bowl

Daring Harvey Nichols

Apparently women run around like headless chickens during sales. You can say a lot about Harvey Nichols, but they’re not afraid of being disrespectful (not sure if that’s a compliment…).


(H/T Creative Criminals)

App removes outdoor advertising with AR

The idea is interesting. Only problem is that to remove the ad, you have to take out your phone and point it to the ad before “removing” it with AR. This means spending quite a lot of time looking at ad and thus doing the complete opposite of the intended purpose. But still, it’s a relevant experiment and of course one that again shows how annoyed people are with bad advertising.




(H/T Fast Company)

Innovation: BookBook from IKEA

Spoof videos can be tricky business. I think IKEA comes close to nailing it.

(H/T to my colleague Jacob Graves!)