Check out the Surface photo project by Søren Solkær. It documents some of the most important street artist from the last 40 years along with their art.

And here is a longer one about the 6 street art pieces that were created specifically for the Copenhagen show.

Check out more photographs here.

Show is on in Copenhagen right now.

Yes. This is a museum for ants

Oh man, this has to be the best art project ever. At least in terms of cross-cultural references.

#ANTSinNYC from Gareth Pon on Vimeo.

By Lorraine Loots

In July 2015, 730 Paintings for Ants will be exhibited in New York City.
Three King Studios
754 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, 11222.
8-15 July 2015
Thursday – Sunday
12H00 – 19H00

(H/T Vimeo)

Good news! A robot will do it for you. There’s no romance or a feeling of joy after your hard beach sand writing work, but it’s probably gonna look better.


Check out some of the skills in the video.


Tired of writing in the sand?

Skulls made using textures and colours of iconic Nike shoes. Very cool. Made by Marcelo Schultz.






(H/T Behance)

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