Coke bottle redesigned

Yes, I know. Redesigning the Coke bottles is as done nearly as much as minimalist superhero posters. But fuck it I like these.




(H/T Surface Magazine)

This fridge cools stuff using water evaporation and no electricity. Nice work! However, I do wish that Coke would sometimes also do these things without the soda itself. Are they doing a version that can keep food and other more vital things cool?


The Coca-Cola Bio Cooler

I gotta say I’m starting to get pretty bored with these vending machine ideas – and especially the case videos. There have been some great ones, no doubt. But lately there have been so many that it just seems irrelevant. Like the CoCreate article mentions, for each happy face, there must have been an insult. So you share a Coke for the chance to yell insults at the opponent, great idea… Also, can someone start to just reject case videos that doesn’t have actual results?! All Cokes were shared within an hour? Ok, how many bottles were in the machines? I really applaud Coke for the vending machine concept and I love their 70 20 10 idea – and a lot of other stuff they do. But I would like them to be a bit more critical when it comes to ideas (and case videos).

Coke: Inter vs Milan – happiness?