Adidas claims there will be haters. True. I’m not sure people will hate you for having Adidas shoes, but hey, they’ll hate you for so much other stuff. Nice ad btw.

(H/T The Inspiration)

Haters gonna hate

The animated Nike spot for the world cup.

Yes, you’ve probably all seen it and I’m the last to post. Nevertheless, it caught my eye and I wanna be part of the group that says this is a different and refreshing take on football ads. Well done WK and Nike!


Nike: The last game

This is a clever use of the fast food tray and mobile gaming. It’s simple, (relatively) well-made, and based on an insight (albeit a very common one). Plus I love the idea of making a ball by tearing a piece of the paper (my old AD partner actually had this exact idea for a print ad). All in all, I really like it!


Gamifying your fast food tray