Playable pre-rolls

A good use of annotations. Perhaps the swan song of that YouTube feature before cards are taking over.

(H/T Creative Criminals)


This is just too damn cool. A technique that lets a large screen interact seamlessly with a small screen. It’s my new personal goal to make something that uses this.

(H/T Thomas Bjerring)

Oculus Rift on a rollercoaster

Oh man! This is such a freakin’ epic idea! And it’s science!

It’s just people on a rollercoaster wearing Oculus Rift to make it seem like they’re in a computer game. The movements of the rollercoaster makes the whole experience so much more intense compared to when you’re just sitting on a sofa.

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Brilliant complain form

This is such a great way to deal with the tons of feedback (i.e. complaints and rage) that you’ll get from a top 100 list (or any other number).


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Thank you internet!

It’s more than a year old, but with few views I’ll take my chances.


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The Matrix re-made with 8bit sounds