Geico is going old school with some Bro related jokes. It works. One is the ad itself and then there’s a bunch of brocabulary videos.


P.S. The last post of 2015 was a serious post about two brothers – the first of 2016 was this. Just if you didn’t catch that.

New take on prerolls

It works as a TVC as well, but I guess it’s the focus on the first 5 seconds that makes it pre-roll optimized.

(H/T Digital Buzz Blog)

Geico fucked up a golden chance

You got Salt-N-Pepa and their epic song. Yay! But then you go ahead and do something irrelevant with it. It was a great idea – in a dad joke kinda way – but why do it if you can’t fit it into your concept for real?! And now the rest of us can’t use it. Annoying!

(H/T The Inspiration Room)