App checks for skin cancer


This is too damn impressive – an app (DermoScreen) that can scan your skin and detect skin cancer with an 85% accuracy (same as dermatologists). Of course it won’t be something that regular people own, but once commercialized it could find it’s way to any doctors office.

And if there any smartphone creators out there, it might be a good idea to create a phone that has the special lens incorporated directly into the phone. Could be a way to be the preferred phone for millions of doctors around the world.

Read more about the app here


The worlds most innovative companies 2014 is not only an interesting read, it is also a reminder of just how god damn beautiful the design of is.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 17.04.03

Check out the full list

Fast Company is beautiful and interesting

First principles

This was post of the month on Only Dead Fish (brilliant blog btw) and I definitely like the thinking. Basically, it’s the old idea of resisting the usual way of doing things and starting from scratch. But it has been named and given a more¬†accessible explanation. I think we in advertising could apply¬†this thinking a lot more. Yes we have briefs and budgets, but if we get better at putting briefs and budgets in perspective, the creative teams would have an easier time coming up with novel ideas.

Read the article (4 min.)

2D printing is the new 3D printing







Not really, but Printoo looks extremely interesting. With it you can print ultra thin batteries, solar cells, interactive posters and much more.

Watch the whole kickstarter video on Wired

Magic water book







A book where each page can be used as a waterfilter. Anything from the people that brought us #FirstWorldProblems is worth a look in my book. This may not be as “fun”, but it’s still pretty damn cool.

Now, go ahead, drink the book!