Social logos redesigned as breast touching logos

… to promote breast cancer awareness month. Really well-made and a nice headline.




(H/T Design Taxi)

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Instagram has released an app that lets users create time lapse videos. It’s really well-made, but I agree with FastCo – it should have been integrated in the Instagram app.

Read the full review on FastCo.

If you feel aggressive and want to keep that emotion alive when on Facebook (or the opposite), you should get this browser extension by Lauren McCarthy. It uses Facebooks own research, so it should be as accurate as it can be. I tested it and it seems like it works. Although it made Facebook very slow, so I uninstalled…



(H/T Adverve)

A Facebook feed that matches your mood

Well, that’s annoying Facebook

Facebook is suggesting people should unlike pages. Or at least that they can. Obviously they do it to help people get a better and more relevant feed, which is nice. And although it is just another reminder for brands to be relevant, it is also a little annoying because social isn’t easy and some clients will take this is another sign of Facebook not being as good as they thought it was. But as a private user I totally dig it…


(H/T AllFacebook)

There have been various versions of this and other internet real-time showings (like Google Trends). But this is really the most overwhelming version I’ve seen. Even if it’s not actually real-time and just based on estimates. Just fascinating!

Click the animation to open the full version (via

Get overwhelmed by the real-timeness


The Internet in real-time