Mercedes speed reads too

It’s not as good as Honda’s keep up, but I have a soft spot for Mercedes, so I’ll post them anyway.

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Speed reading Honda

Fuck. My. Life. I wish I made that. Honda took the speedreading technique and owned it. This is the best thing I’ve seen all year.

Remember to check out the faster versions.

(H/T The Inspiration Room)

Speed reading banner

A campaign that uses speed reading (rsvp) to show that a telco’s 4,5G network is 3 times faster than 3G. What they did was make a speed reading banner for a newspapers site, so people could experience the faster speed by reading articles faster.

I think the rsvp technique is really fascinating but the campaign is not using it logically. Why is speed reading an explanation for faster internet? I get that it says faster, but it’s not proving the speed – at all! It’s kinda nice that they want to help people read full articles rather than skimming, but it’s still not helping people understand the benefit of faster internet. Also 66.000.000 is not a successful campaign, it’s a big media budget. Why the hell would anyone use this as a result? To me that just says that they had no usable results.

(H/T Digital Buzz Blog)