Music is everything

Or it at least what can really make or break an ad. Take this Mazda ad. Fucking boring visuals, so old school that it hurts. The tagline is irrelevant and I don’t see how it has anything to do with what came before. But the music saves it all (except for the tag line). And then it makes it more OK that there is nothing new about the visual aspect.

Click to watch…

The song is Concrete Wall by Zee Avi

(H/T Creative Review)

If Carlsberg did Supermarkets

It looks like this is an old ad. But I haven’t seen it before and it has started to pop up in various places, so I’m taking a chance posting it… Because it’s perfect. Very traditional, but this just proves that traditional still works!

(H/T The Inspiration Room)

Newcastle is epic. Again.

This is the best thing I’ve seen in years.. ish. It’s stupid and funny and more stupid. And it uses old computer speak, which makes me miss 2002. I wasn’t a big fan of the effort prior to this years Super Bowl, but this makes up for everything.

(H/T Best ads on tv)