Fuck Yeah Gap

Gap has made some of the most amazing fashion ads ever.

Drop the bass

It’s pants. And they’re walking!

Cars just got better


It’s a cloud. That has lightning scarves

Get your sweat(er) on

Weirdness ahoy!

(H/T Adweek)

Weird shit from Aldi

What the hell is up with this guy? I get what they want to say, but why would you go for the rapist persona?!

(H/T Creative Criminals)

Weird and hilarious correlations

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.21.02






This is just too damn interesting. Random things that correlates. If you work at an agency in the US, you have to use this for something (most figures are from the US). Go check out the site, where you can both see random things or choose whatever you wanna correlate (like movies with Nicolas Cage or US consumption of margarine).

Spurious Correlations by Tyler Vigen