Get a weird LinkedIn endorsement for Christmas

The good people at Molamil (a collaborative creative technology agency) has made a fun and usefull/less site that will give you the endorsement of your dreams. Like Homeland Security. Or Star Wars. Or Animal Husbandry. Or Quantum Mechanics. Fun idea. Check it out at

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.18.42

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.23.19

Ready to fly

I don’t know.. It’s not really something new. It just feels like it’s pretty real in a down to earth kinda way.

(H/T Creative Criminals)

I like to play

And I like a good drum scene. Greene King delivered on this by using the legendary King Snare to create a simple and perfect ad. Kudos!

(H/T Adforum)

Geico fucked up a golden chance

You got Salt-N-Pepa and their epic song. Yay! But then you go ahead and do something irrelevant with it. It was a great idea – in a dad joke kinda way – but why do it if you can’t fit it into your concept for real?! And now the rest of us can’t use it. Annoying!

(H/T The Inspiration Room)

Arby’s forgot…

…to honour their agreement with Pepsi that says they have to use Pepsi in at least two ads a year. This is how they fixed it.

(H/T Reddit)