What an utterly brilliant campaign! When in a Polish restaurant, place your cutlery in the shape of a cross to donate money to the Red Cross. Simple and effective. It’s almost a year old, but still great…



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Very good manners / Red Cross

I love Newcastle Brown Ale. I love the UK. I love Stephen Merchant. So what’s not to love about the film that helps Americans realize just how great it could have been, if the US was still under British rule. Great work by Droga5!


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Newcastle Brown Ale is epic (again)

Scrabble is replacing missing letters in shop signs to complete incomplete words.



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Missing letters

I’ve been wondering how a brand could make an anti-football campaign this year – and come out of it looking good.

Orangina has tried by making a can that can turn off a TV that plays a football match. Unfortunately the concept is poorly executed and just makes Orangina look annoying. I hope they do some sort of follow up to make it better.


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Anti football can

I almost want to stop playing videos that use that phrase… Anyway, I’m not sure if this is actually a worlds first and the explanation and video could be a little more tight – but I do like the overall idea of making a website on Instagram and Ikea is the perfect client for it.


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Worlds first Instagram website

Is torture a laughing matter? Obviously not, but humor may be the tool to get people interested in the cause. Interesting…


Iggy: The future of rock ‘n’ roll is Justin Bieber
Dalai Lama: A man who does not have a Rolex watch at 50 years old has failed in his life
Tag: Torture a man and he will tell you anything.

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Amnesty goes funny

As always there is a lot of good stuff in Cannes. I’m not gonna post Grand Prixs, because every one has seen those (I assume..). But here are three other winners that I really like.

Killing Kennedy

It may seem a little flat, but what makes it a winner to me is the flawless design and what seems like a very smooth flow. A very nice experience – and educational!



The new creatives

This just looks too fucking cool. That’s it. (This is not the Cannes case, but still a nice video – check out the Cannes video here)



Racer – A Google Chrome experiment
I’ll include this because I love Google Chrome experiments. And it looks like fun.



3 digital Cannes winners

I have no idea how this will inspire me to make anything related to advertising. But I just hope it does at one point, because it’s just too damn fascinating.



Rope made from plastic bottles