Samsung sob story

Normally this is too sweet for me, but they made it work. Maybe because it isn’t over the top and seems a little small budget-ish. Anyway, Samsung does something nice for the hearing impaired and that’s pretty cool.

(H/T Creative Criminals)

25 years of photoshop

Everyone posted this one. It’s good, but to me what really made it pop was the song. Great energy.

Speed reading Honda

Fuck. My. Life. I wish I made that. Honda took the speedreading technique and owned it. This is the best thing I’ve seen all year.

Remember to check out the faster versions.

(H/T The Inspiration Room)

Save the Bro?

This is one of those ads where I’m not really a big fan. It’s ok and I think it works. But blogs are not for just sharing stuff all the time, but also to demand more and better. So why share? 0.54-0.58. Nuggets like that is enough for me to love the whole damn thing.

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Lovely WIRED ITALY Cover

I really like the 1950’s futuristic look. And it has animated gifs, which we all know will make everything better.








Wired Italia – issue nr. 69 – iPad animated cover from Rocketpanda on Vimeo.





(H/T Behance)

Using old memes and epic fails is risky business. But it works when the idea is about organ donation. You can ad your own at Nice work by Duval Guillaume.




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Reusing memes

Newcastle is epic. Again.

This is the best thing I’ve seen in years.. ish. It’s stupid and funny and more stupid. And it uses old computer speak, which makes me miss 2002. I wasn’t a big fan of the effort prior to this years Super Bowl, but this makes up for everything.

(H/T Best ads on tv)