Honda. Epic.

The internet just exploded with this. And with good reason.

Check it out: (and don’t forget the R button…)


Customizing on Instagram

If you are a regular follower of this blog, I would be surprised. But if you are, then you know I like simple things. And this Instagram activity from Mercedes to promote the GLA is dead simple. Basically you just go through a path of Instagram pics to customize your GLA. Is it great? Perhaps not. But it’s simple and easy to play with, and in most cases that should be the way to go with these things. And even though it may not appear very tactical, you still get a price at the end (if you care to read the comment) along with the key details. Also, I know there are some haters out there, but I really like the car (ping Mercedes – give me one…).

Anyway, check out the video and try it here (mobile only).

(H/T Digital Buzz Blog)

Sony 4K ad with snow and stuff

I’m not blown away like many others. But I really like the song.

Don’t forget to view in 4K.

(H/T Adfreak)

Currys PC World

This is pretty well-executed and has a nice high-end feel (I hope that’s what they’re going for…).

(H/T Ads of the World)

Mercedes-Benz: Fantastic journey

I used to work with Mercedes and really loved having them as a client. The cars are great, but what’s even cooler is their immense R&D budget, which often means that they are first to market with some great innovations. In this case they may not be the first, but I still think they have a position where it seems like they might actually be the first to have low hanging rear cameras to detect children (and other things that can’t be seen in the rear view mirror).

Now the ad itself is a little bit weird. It could’ve been made by a kid or it could’ve been some made by someone high as a kite.

(H/T Ads of the World)